Optimize Your Business Facebook Page for FREE – 4 Easy Steps

To get the most out of your Facebook marketing, it is crucial to optimize your page by inserting keywords to improve the chances of search engines finding you. Let’s be honest - when was the last time you scrolled through more than the first (or even more unlikely) second page of Google search results? To reach the largest number of people your page needs to appear as one of the first few search results, or it could get lost in the clutter. There are several simple and easy ways to help your Facebook business page climb the search engine ladder.

1.  Add a Captivating Facebook Cover Image

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! The first thing many people see when they click onto any web page is a photo that catches their eye. Canva is a FREE online tool that will help you create stunning, professional images for your Facebook cover.

  • First, go to Canva.com, and create a free account.
  • Now the site gives lots of options of different design templates to choose from, from business cards to invitations to posters. At the end, on the right hand side, click the plus sign with the caption “More…”

 canva more button

  • Now you have even more templates to choose from. Scroll down until you see the heading “Social Media & Email Headers.” In this category, select the one for Facebook Cover.
  • You can now choose from hundreds of different templates and designs and customize however you would like!
    *Tip: If you happen to love one of the designs that isn’t free, just replace the photo with one of your own. The stock photo is the one that costs money, but the rest of the design is still free!
  • When you are finished customizing your header, click download in the top right corner, and your photo is ready to be shared on Facebook.

tinetrix help on the way

2. Optimize the sections in the About tab by using keywords strategically

Keywords are words that search engines look for on your website because users are frequently using them to search. These words can be related to your services, products, or other aspects of your business. Knowing what other people are searching for gives you insight on what kinds of content to put on your page, and how to reach more viewers. Basic keyword research is easy (and free) and can drastically improve your Facebook page’s search engine optimization.

These free tools are a great place to start:

Google Adwords

Bruce Clay Keyword Research Tool



Once you have found the keywords that you would like to include on your website, add them to the About tab of your Facebook page. They should not be given as a list of random words, but rather woven into your existing content. Sprinkle your keywords throughout the text, and try to keep it subtle. You want the information to flow naturally not make it obvious that you are forcing specific words into your website.

3. Showcase your services in the Services tab

Although this tab is not included with the default tabs that come with a Facebook business page, this tab is very important. For a step-by-step on how to add this tab to your page, click here.

Once you have created this tab, add the different services that your company offers. List them all, and don’t leave any out. This way, when people are searching for specific services online, your website will be listed for that specific service.

4. Add Mailchimp/Constant Contact Subscribe tab in Facebook

And finally, the last way to optimize your Facebook business page is by adding a sign-up form. This way, potential customers have a place to leave their contact information, continuing the conversation between the two of you. The best way to do this is by linking an existing Mailchimp or Constant Contact account to your Facebook page. This way, all of your customer information will be sent to the same place automatically, without requiring any additional steps.


For a complete guide on how to link your Mailchimp account to your Facebook business page, click here.

Mailchimp facebook

Constant Contact

The process is very similar for Constant Contact. Simply login to your Constant Contact account, click the Integrations tab, then the Facebook button. Click Get this App, then select Facebook page and complete the installation. For a complete guide, click here.

signup constant contact

This adds a new tab to the sidebar, and you can customize this to be called anything you like. Now your customers can add themselves to your mailing list right from your Facebook page!

If email marketing is new to you, Tinetrix can help!

And that’s it! You now know 4 easy steps to optimize your Facebook business page.