IT Services and Support

The thought of securing IT support services can overwhelm, almost as much as the technology itself. Who do you choose and why do you choose them?

It’s true. Technology is the way the world works.  Period.  Without the confidence that yours is functioning- 24/7—your personal security (never mind, your technology’s) is well, nonexistent. What if your server crashed?  Bye bye hard work. Pictures? Files?  A would-be disaster, but not a problem for us. We’ll ensure that you’re backed up and secure. Connectivity?  We’ll manage that too. In today’s personal and business world, this level of IT support is priceless.

Indeed, we’re Franklin’s resource for information technology services.

Our IT services include a full-range of support for both home and business.  We’ll solve a range of IT problems including network set-up and support, firewall and internet security, data back-up & disaster recovery, and preventative maintenance.  We’ll arrive on site and begin by consulting with you about your desires for flawless service vis a vis your current IT status.  You may have a lot in place or you may have a long way to go.  Either way, we’ll follow up with an improvement plan that makes sense on all levels.  From consultation to installation and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

We’re available when you need us too, and don’t talk over your head, taking the time necessary to explain what we’re doing and how and why we’re doing it.

When you need us… call Franklin’s experts at (508)-528-1339  on all information technology services!