Desktops and Laptop Sales

Where computer sales are concerned, Tinetrix adds its expertise to the purchasing process.  With the internet bombarding personal and business computer users with a huge host of possible products, the choices can be overwhelming.  As a Value Added Reseller (VAR), we make the process easier by providing guidance concerning all manner of purchases including desktops, laptops, wireless network routers, hard drives, printers, memory modules, and more.  We match your particular computer purchasing needs with products available in the vast land now known as the computer sales’ marketplace.

We know what we’re talking about and listen hard to our customers’ technology needs.  We have experience with many products common to modern networks, office environments, and even home configurations.  Our customers can rely on us to listen carefully to their needs and requirements and recommend and even procure appropriate products; in some cases we even do on-site configuring of  equipment after its purchase.

Tinetrix has grown and kept in step with the complexity of the expanding technical and computer sales market and the needs resulting from it.  While early on in our company’s existence we advised our customers with a simple instruction “Buy X product at such and such website,” in a short time it became apparent that most of our customers desired more assistance.  Actually purchasing products on their behalf often brings great relief, and we are happy to do it.  The result means not only passing on our expertise, but a cost savings as well.

Particular reseller relationships have been pivotal to grow.  Dell, and its full product line, Tech Data, a wholesale distributor with its variety of technology products; InMotion Hosting for its website hosting, and Network Solutions, our since-day-one domain registrar, to name a few.  Nurtured over several years, these vendor relationships provide aggressive pricing that gets passed on to our computer sales’ customers.

If you have a technology need (e.g. a new computer, a network component, printer, monitor, etc.), please call us to assist.