Do you have a local business? Is your online visibility left to chance?

There were the days when all we had were yellow pages for business listings, but times have changed.  The business listings have never been more complex.  Look at this article to see how the major local search data sources and your business listings are spread all over the internet.  Wow!

Ranking high in the search engines and local directories takes a lot of effort and research. When talking about local SEO in particular, you need:

  • Consistency - the number one key to local SEO is making sure your listing is consistent in all directories
  • Enhancement - emphasize your listings with photos, videos, and promotions
  • Crawlability - make your information easy to read for customers and search engines
  • Optimization - you need to optimize your content to be better than the competition

Let us manage your local listing so your potential clients can find you and you existing clients can get the information they need.

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