Excavation and Site Work

Coordination, communication and execution are critical components of our work.  We know that construction projects are complicated and that’s why we build everyone in our heads before we dispatch a crew and equipment to a job site.  Our people know the right questions to ask.  So there’s no surprises – or setbacks – down the road.

Collaborating with private developers and owners, architects and engineering firms,  our site work teams are always thinking, solving onsite problems and making sure the job gets done right before the next team comes in to finish the airport runway, roadway, parking lots, racetrack, athletic field or walkways.

We understand the realities of site work and its ever changing environment and we proactively manage each project to increase our efficiencies and control our costs while still driving the project forward.

“They are right there when you need them….they pick up the slack and get the job done.”

Palmer Paving Client