How to optimize your Google My Business listing in six easy steps

Steps to optimize Google My business listing

1.  Claim and verify your Google My business listing (Go to after logging in your Google account)

2.  Complete your business information in the Info Tab including:

  • main category and additional categories
  • service areas
  • hours of operation
  • address, phone number, website
  • appointment url
  • services offered
  • whether or not you accept Google assistant calls

3.  Post on Google just like you do on Facebook. Currently Google supports four types of posts:

google posts type

4.  Add photos and videos - You can now add videos in addition to photos. If you are a local business, geotag your images.

Go to:
Upload JPG-image
Existing Geotags are shown on the map
Set the marker or enter the latitude or longitude manually
Hit the button Write EXIIF tags
Download the geotagged image
Upload to Google My business

Geotagging images

5.  Send your client a Google direct link and ask for their feedback. Here is how you create a direct review link in Google.

get map id

6.  Get links from local high authority websites like Better Business Bureau, Milford Area Chamber or community organizations.


Have you ever wonder how Google ranks local businesses?

According to Google, nearly 75% of smartphone users are likely to purchase from business that optimize the information to a user’s location.

Your Google My Businessv(GMB) listing is very important for local searches as Google looks first, well at Google listings.
A company's rank in Google My Business (GMB) results can be boiled down to three distinct areas of focus:


  • Presence of keywords searched for in the business main category and subcategories
  • Presence of keywords in the business description


  • How far is each potential search result from the location term used
  • If user doesn't specify a location in their search, Google will calculate distance based on what’s known about their location.


  • How well known is your business?
  • Number of links articles, and directories
  • Number and quality of Reviews
  • Position in web results (SEO)

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