Tinetrix Technical Team

Richard J Frongillo

I started my technology career working with a talented group of software engineers that formed a team building language compilers for the company's operating system.  This experience provided me fundamental knowledge related to diagnosing root causes of problems, deducing practical solutions, following logical processes to an end, and paying attention to critical details.  I am indebted to the team for setting my course and handing me some solid principles of engineering.

Later in my career I had a chance to work on the service side of a technology business, helping customers and educating potential clients.  I really enjoyed it from the start.  What I learned is that I like meeting and learning about people, having to think pragmatically about potential solutions and their effect, and being involved in a variety of technology circumstances.  I found a home in the technology service industry.

In 2001 I seized an opportunity to start my own technology business. Initially, I provided information technology (IT) services for a friend and business owner in exchange for a lot of support that my business needed to get going.  Through word of mouth, we added a customer here and a customer there, and the business expanded.  After fifteen years the business continues to expand in the same way.  I hope that all of my customers are reference accounts, happy and willing to share my name with people they know and trust.

David Wheeler

Dave and I met because of a common interest in conservation and recycling.  In the 1980s we worked together effectively to help guide our employer to be more conscientious about its waste management procedures.  Fast forward several years and we were reconnected when he inquired about working with me in 2003.

Having worked in service for several years prior to joining Tinetrix, Dave understands customers.  He is patient, compassionate, and a man of integrity.  He listens and investigates thoroughly and then deliberates appropriately before setting on a course to problem resolution.  From the beginning I knew that Dave would be kind and thoughtful with customers and that gave me a huge peace of mind.

Olympia Caswell

It is quite fitting that Olympia and I met in a school as she has a expansive love of learning.  She has boldly taken on a variety of projects and tenaciously worked them through to conclusion.  Along the way she garners knowledge about tools, products, and solutions.

Olympia joined Tinetrix in 2009 at a time when we were expanding our website support services into website development services.  She was instrumental in identifying platforms and associated toolkits that we continue to use today.  Motivated by her generous spirit Olympia has developed several websites for friends, businesses, schools, and other groups in addition to her work with Tinetrix clients.